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Polestar teacher trainings are Pilates instructor programs based on a scientific foundation of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and motor control. We integrate scientific research findings in the areas of orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science. Polestar educators individually hold advanced degrees in a variety of movement modalities.

Our Pilates instructor training method is interactive, providing you with tools for critical thinking to become a Pilates instructor creating full fitness assessments and design goal-oriented programs.

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Unlike other anatomy courses, Shelly Power and Brent Anderson’s discussion on the practical application of these movement concepts makes this a very user friendly and movement oriented anatomy course. Read more...
Anytime Online Eryn Apanovitch, Brent Anderson, Shelly Power $358.07
August 2022 Australia, ONLINE $759.24
23-24 July 2022 Sydney, NSW $759.24
27-28 August 2022 Melbourne, VIC $759.24
30-31 July 2022 Perth, WA $759.24
Sydney or ONLINE Canberra, ACT $1,077.30
23-24 July 2022 Sydney, NSW $1,077.30
04-05 June 2021 Adelaide, SA $1,077.30
20-21 August 2022 Melbourne, VIC $1,077.30
06-07 August 2022 Gold Coast, QLD $728.46
30-31 July 2022 Perth, WA $728.46
23-24 July 2022 Sydney, NSW $728.46