Polestar Anatomy


Eryn Apanovitch, Assistant Professor at the University of Miami, will go through the bones, joints, muscular contributions to movement, and vascular structures of each section of the body. Unlike other anatomy courses, Shelly Power and Brent Anderson’s discussion on the practical application of these movement concepts makes this a very user friendly and movement oriented anatomy course. Relating anatomical concepts to familiar movements sharpens your intuition while expanding your intellect. * Completes USA/Canada anatomy requirement. Additional fees/requirements may apply in other countries.


$349 plus 2.6% processing fee.


This is an 8-hour online course with 7 modules. Each module will be available after the completion of the previous one. Quizzes, resources, and discussions qualify your learning as you go through the course.



Module 1: General Concepts

Module 2: The Spine

Module 3: The Thorax

Module 4: The Abdomen

Module 5: The Upper Limb

Module 6: The Pelvis and Perineum

Module 7: The Lower Limb


Price: $358.07